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All courses listed are at the Sudenbrook Training Center which is located 45 minutes west of Ottawa, Canada.  Please add an extra $75 per day for meals and lodging at Sudenbrook.  If you are within commuting distance arrangements can be made for meals only.  Please note that quoted prices do not include GST.   Pick up and drop off at Ottawa International Airport, the Train Station or the Bus Station can be arranged.

If you wish to book in-house training or if there are a number of interested parties in your area send us an email with possible dates and particulars.  Payment for courses is due upon receipt of invoice and can be made by cheque, visa or cash.  Cancellation of attendance made 10 working days before course commencement will receive a 100% refund; 9-3 days before will receive a 50% refund; 3 working days or less before will receive no refund.  Substitution of participants can be made at any time provided they have the prerequisite qualifications.  DCA reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment or other reason.  Fall course dates may be adjusted to meet client needs.  Red and underlined courses are for USA clients.

Decision Making and the Driving Task

Description: This course is about how drivers make decisions, what information is required to make accurate decisions, what type of strategies drivers use to assess relevant information and the type of decision errors that lead to violations and/or crash involvement  Potential evaluators are trained to use an eye mirror and how to interpret behavioural indicators so they can infer what the driver is focusing on and if they are missing pertinent information.
Prerequisites: a score of 6.0 or higher on a DCA2 driving assessment.
Duration: 4 days: 2 days theory usually with one evening lecture, one full day in vehicle and the final day a combination of in-vehicle and theoretical examination.
Dates and Registration: See Calendar
Price: $845 for non-members, $700 for RSEA members


DCA Evaluator Course Level 2

Description: This course specifically designed for evaluators of class "G" licenses although many of the principles could be transposed to fit the measurement of any classification of motor vehicle.  Candidates from these programs have successfully used these skills to both assess and train classified drivers from tractor trailer operators to bus operators.  The course is to assist evaluators to a) develop a comprehensive test route, b) correctly utilize the DCA forms and c) reliably measure prospective candidates (inter-rater reliability).  From this level candidate instructors demonstrating a particular orientation for assessment will be encouraged to further their skills in working with specific populations and/or by entering the field of diagnostics.
Prerequisites: Decision Making  and the Driving Task (minimum 70% overall and 80% on the practical)
Duration: 7 days, 9:00 am- 5:00 pm.  Two days are spent in the classroom and the remainder of the time is on-road working to learn how to develop routes, and learning  how to quantify the decision points found in the environment.   The other part of the time is learning to mark the score sheet reliably and consistently regardless of driver type or strategy.
Dates and Registration: See Calendar
Price: $1,225 for non-members, $1,150 for RSEA members


Road Safety Facilitator's Program

Description: The objective is to train facilitators to teach (facilitate learning for) prospective employees or re-train employees that have experienced problems in driving.  The populations focused on will include but not be limited to policing, upgrading large vehicle operators, dealing with special needs populations such as injured persons and those that require remediation.  The focus therefore will be to teach the skills to re-educate, remediate and to rehabilitate licensed road users.  A paradigmatic shift of this program is to have candidates learn to focus on the learner and their needs rather than on teaching.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Decision Making and the Driving Task and the DCA Level 2 course.
Duration: 8 days, 9:00am- 5:00pm
Dates and Registration: See Calendar
Price: $1,325 for non-members, $1,250 for RSEA members


Train the Trainer Program: Co-operative Driving.
Description This four day workshop will allow a group of senior instructors to administer the workshop on how Cooperative driving differs from other types of driving in subtle as well as in very obvious ways. Using this model may help in preparing new drivers to maintain many of the learned behaviours they acquired to pass the road test and help experienced drivers deal with frustration and anxiety when driving. It puts the driver in a position of analyzing how they are affecting others rather than just how others may affect them. In a very fundamental way it changes the focus of the venture of driving and brings a level of humility and accountability to driving that is lacking in other approaches to the task. As well as focusing on the impact a driver makes within the system it encourages honest and straightforward personal insight into the behaviours a driver exhibits which is being touted as very important for drivers to acquire if they are to remain collision free.

This is a licensing program for instructors to deliver to either other instructors or end users. Co-operative Driving. will be equivalent to a six hour DDC or PDIC program and should be offered as such.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Road Safety Facilitator program.
Duration: 4 days
Dates and Registration: See Calendar below
Price: $1000.00


Trauma Course
Description: The trauma course is designed as a "how to" course.  Most days are theoretical, to give participants an understanding and familiarity with issues and procedures relating to special needs populations and the medical communities.  As well they are introduced to research materials dealing with these issues and how to access further research materials.  Other  days  involve hands-on learning of assessment protocols, counseling techniques, and methodologies employed with these populations.  The Trauma course is a heavy reading course and the first section will be forwarded to the participants three weeks prior to commencement of the program.  All participant must choose a population and they may only focus on one group per session of the course.  This course is run as a seminar so all individuals are responsible to bring the findings of their literature review to the class for discussion and dialogue.
Prerequisites: DCA2 Certification or successful completion of the Road Safety Facilitator’s Program
Duration: 7 days, 9:00 am to 5 pm with some evening activities and lectures.
Dates and Registration: See Calendar
Price: $1,225 for non-members, $1150 for RSEA members


Inattention, Multi-tasking and Motivation

Description: This course is to help trainers and instructors better understand the issues of inattention, multitasking and motivation and to improve their skills in enabling drivers to understand and deal with these issues for themselves.  It is intended for serious and/or senior trainers that have the ability to develop and implement curriculum changes.  Facilitators working in the field of rehabilitation would find this course particularly useful.
Prerequisites: Decision Making and the Driving Task, DCA3 with a score of greater than 6.0
Duration: 4 days
Dates and Registration: None Currently Scheduled, please contact us to arrange a course
Price: $2500 for non-members, $2425 for RSEA members


Signing Authority Program

In Ontario, fleets have the ability to upgrade the licenses of their own employees by partnering with the Ministry of Transportation in a Recognized Authority Program. Under these conditions if the fleet wishes to have one of their employees become qualified to administer the program their trainer must take an approved program of courses.  If a trainer successfully completes the fleet trainer program with DCA they are eligible for signing authority status with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.  For more information concerning these training programs contact  DCA.

Course Calendar 2011 - By Date
(all courses at Sudenbrook unless otherwise noted)
Month Date Course  
April 26th - 29th Decision Making and The Driving Task Download Registration Form
May 2nd - 6th and 9th - 10th DCA2 Download Registration Form
23rd - 27th and May 30th to June 1st Road Safety Facilitator Program Download Registration Form
September 27th - 31st Decision Making and The Driving Task Download Registration Form
Oct 3rd - Oct 7th and 10th - 11th DCA2 Download Registration Form
24th - 28th and Oct 31st - Nov 2nd Road Safety Facilitator Program Download Registration Form
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